L I F E T I M E    A C C E S S 

Who We Are.

Launched in 2021, Crypto Foundation’s mission is to offer individuals the fundamental knowledge they require to make informed decisions as it relates to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Foundations offers a thorough course on Bitcoin and blockchain with a certificate to successful students.

Prospective employers are able to verify the certificate which will prominently display the graduates name.  In addition, a badge that can be displayed on all social platforms will be generated after course completion.

At Crypto Foundations we believe in good karma and giving back.  A portion of every course sold will be donated to CODE.ORG.  The world we are living in is changing as we know it; so are the necessary skill sets to succeed.  CODE.ORG is dedicated to providing computer science access to young women and underrepresented groups.


Crypto Foundations is in its infancy.  We have medium term aspirations to expand our course offerings to additional cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Cardano and a deeper dive into Bitcoin as a financial asset.
Please contact us directly if you’d like to have the course content delivered to a group over Zoom.  We are able to produce a customized quote with special pricing.

Please contact us with any comments about our course material whether they be positive or constructive criticisms.